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India’s Top Teachers & Mentors

Gowri Priya

BharatNatyam Teacher

Sunita Gangadhar

Vocab and Grammar



Kathak Dance Teacher


Anisha Singh

Freestyle Dance

Vaishali Agarwal

Art Teacher

Preeti Ganeriwala

Mandala & Doodle Art

Bhakti Irani

Handwriting & Calligraphy


Kavitha Prakash

Public Speaking

Aakriti Singh

Business Manager

Neelima Srivastava

Phonics Teacher

Bindiya Parekh

Kindergarten Teacher

Santwana Ganguly

Kindergarten Teacher

Pooja Srivastava

Business Head

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Amazing quality and the colourful illustrations are very appealing to my kid. By using this, I know my kid is able to think innovatively and learn the content. I personally felt that it's like how the teachers teach the kid one-on-one. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Hemalatha, Hyderabad

Wittychamps has made the entire homeschooling very easy for us and our 3 year old. Their books with the talking pen helps our child self learn at the same time enables us in giving her the right direction. The one-o-one interaction with the teacher is very very helpful. Teachers are very knowledgeable and knew our child well in just 2 interactions.

Abhishek, Pune

My 3 year old kid played with it for hours on the first day, then by day 2 she was ready to sit in one place and learn. I'm so impressed by the quality and content!

Anu, Delhi

I think it's a really cool product. The ability to put the stickers in different books and make them talk just like how the teachers would teach, using the right phonics, is the biggest selling point for me. I have never seen a product quite like this before!

Sushma, Bangalore

I have no words to thank WittyChamps for providing a single platform to cater to most of the skill development for both my kids. All the trainers are very friendly, highly skilled and professional. They understand the nature of each child and teach appropriately. We are using class pass subscription for my younger daughter. She loves to explore all the classes published here. My elder daughter is enrolled for their Public speaking, Abacus and mandala art clubs. They are both enjoying and learning very effectively. Thank you WittyChamps

Sushma Yogish, Delhi

We have recently joined WittyChamps and the activity classes offered are fulfilling. The teachers are very attentive to each and every student, especially Sushma ma'am. My kid likes her as she always addresses all kids with her names. My kid waits for the classes and wishes all her favorite classes are 7 days a week.

Neha Kedia, Bangalore

WittyChamps is a perfect platform for my daughter. She enjoys the classes both due to the mentors and variety in every class. I am happy that this summer my daughter will get exposure to and learn many skills. I really appreciate the effort the management and the mentors are putting in and would like to Thank them

Shweta Goyal, Jaipur

One of the better decisions we took last year was to enroll our daughter in the Abacus classes from wittychamps. We are pleasantly surprised by the improvements she has shown in her calculating skills. We feel that her concentration has improved because of Abacus. It has also sharpened her visualization power. Thanks to wittychamps for ensuring that the learning didn’t suffer despite the pandemic. Her teacher was very patient with kids and made them comfortable with the subject. She was always available to solve the doubts and spend some extra time if needed. Highly recommend the Abacus classes from wittychamps.

Pratik Agrawal, Delhi

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